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MDHealthTrak - Symptom Tracker

MDHealthtrak is a groundbreaking physician-developed healthcare solution which will transform how patients access healthcare no matter where they are located. The app streamlines patient-doctor relationship to maximize efficiency, allowing the doctor to be more productive while often allowing patients to replace doctor office visits with virtual visits anywhere, anytime. This app allows patients to independently record prepopulated disease-specific symptoms which is automatically scaled, organized, graphed and presented in real-time to your doctor. See how patients save time, money and create a healthier tomorrow with this virtual interactive health care health diary.


Each patient condition or disease has unique symptoms and symptom severity. This app allows patients to record their information, track changes with their individualized health issues which are then graphed. Patients can then track their symptoms by themselves, see the effects of treatments, share the information with their doctors and/or sharing information with the family members of their choosing. By knowing a patient’s unique symptoms tracked through this app, doctors deliver better treatment and improve the quality of care while the patient has the added benefits of saving money and time. In short, this app gives a whole new way of managing and tracking your symptoms and recording.


MDHealthtrak lets you share your information with not only your doctor but also your family members. The app even lets YOU control who has access to your information and you decide whom and what information they are allowed to see. It’s all individualized. Whether it’s your friend, a family member, or your doctor, you have complete control of your health data’s visibility.


This online medical consultation app allows patients to establish relationships with experienced doctors and get a consultation without visiting their clinics. That’s why MDHealthtrak has become a trusted doctor-patient app available today. What’s more? This healthcare app for patients will let you connect to your personal physician (as long as they are in the system)—just in case you’re more of I Need My Doctor Online sort of a person.


This is a smart medical appointment scheduling app that helps you book an online doctor appointment as fast as possible. Make a few swipes—and voila! You’ve scheduled appointments with the most experienced doctors without even calling their clinics. That means if you download MDHealthtrak, you’ll not just do symptoms tracking but even make smart healthcare appointment scheduling.


• Ability to track diseases and symptoms prior to consulting a physician
• Ability to track multiple conditions
• Allows messaging your physician
• Allows your family to see your information, disease process, doctor’s comments – all remotely
• Booking or cancelling an appointment is as simple as clicking with the app’s built-in online doctor appointment system.
• Gives you access to your physician near real-time
• Gives you control of your medical information
• Provides a history of prior information added to the system
• Saves you time (driving, parking, sitting in the waiting room,etc…)
• Saves you money (no need to leave work, babysitters, gas, parking, etc…)
• Add events or record medical symptoms to your disease with this one-of-a-kind health record app. This way, you’ll easily share progress reports with doctors and family.

Overall, through this medical diary tracker app, patients can ask health questions, experience world-class online doctor service, & maintain a symptom diary quite easily. Besides being able to track symptoms, the app organizes patients’ medical record with zero hassles.

So, all set? Then get this app & take a step into the future, saving time, money and transforming the way you track symptoms, access your physician and manage your healthcare.

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