Download Sound Sleeper White Noise - v2.73

Download Sound Sleeper White Noise - v2.73

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Please download and share Sound Sleeper White Noise - v2.73, one of the featured APPS in the categoryParenting.
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Released by Parents2ParentsApps, Sound Sleeper White Noise - v2.73 is one of the best free and best mobile phone applications available today. Located in the Parenting category of the app store.

The minimum operating system for Sound Sleeper White Noise - v2.73 is Android 4.1+ and up. So you have to update your phone if you haven't already.

At APKDroid, you will get Sound Sleeper White Noise - v2.73 APK free download, with the latest version being 2.73, publication date 2016-07-01, the file size is 91.6 MB.According to statistics from the Google Play Store, there are about 1000 downloads. Apps downloaded or installed individually on Android can be updated if you wish. Update your apps as well. Grants you access to the latest features and improves the security and stability of the app. Enjoy it now !!!

Sound Sleeper White Noise - v2.73 Sound Sleeper White Noise - v2.73

Get to sleep quickly and sleep well through the night.Features:- white noise sounds including fan, vacuum cleaner, rain, womb, and more…- sound self-activates at first cry – you might not even have to get out of bed to soothe your baby!- record your own lullabies- sleep tracking (learn your baby's sleep pattern to help her sleep through the night)Sound Sleeper is a three-in-one sleep solution for you and your baby that will accompany you from birth to the toddler years. Use Sound Sleeper to put your baby to sleep in minutes with Play Mode, help her stay asleep with Listen Mode, and enable her to develop healthy sleep habits with Sleep Tracking Mode.Sound Sleeper is also great for kids who share rooms; use the soothing sounds to keep baby asleep while you get your toddler ready for bed.We are young parents who developed Sound Sleeper to help us stay sane when our first child was born in 2011, and are still using it for our family! We invite you to download Sound Sleeper for free, and treat the whole family to a good night’s sleep! 

- general improvements & bug fixes- we introduce a new feature - a custom fade out time! It allows your baby to drift off to sleep as the sound you’ve chosen gradually fades to zero.We're looking forward to hearing how you like it! Please drop us a line to let us know at [email protected]

How to install Sound Sleeper White Noise - v2.73

Remember where the Sound Sleeper White Noise - v2.73 APK file was saved. Click on it to install. Initially, you may experience an installation failure.
Since android does not allow to install APK from Unknown Sources, please do the following:
-> Open the downloaded Sound Sleeper White Noise - v2.73 .apk file. You will see a warning message as shown:
-> Click Settings (Settings).
-> Click the Turn button (Turn on).
-> Go back and reopen the downloaded APK file. Click the Install button (Install).

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