Download theAsianparent: Track Pregnancy & Count Baby Kicks - v2.7.12

Download theAsianparent: Track Pregnancy & Count Baby Kicks - v2.7.12

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Please download and share theAsianparent: Track Pregnancy & Count Baby Kicks - v2.7.12, one of the featured APPS in the categoryParenting.
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Released by theAsianparent - largest pregnancy & parenting app, theAsianparent: Track Pregnancy & Count Baby Kicks - v2.7.12 is one of the best free and best mobile phone applications available today. Located in the Parenting category of the app store.

The minimum operating system for theAsianparent: Track Pregnancy & Count Baby Kicks - v2.7.12 is Android 4.1+ and up. So you have to update your phone if you haven't already.

At APKDroid, you will get theAsianparent: Track Pregnancy & Count Baby Kicks - v2.7.12 APK free download, with the latest version being 2.7.12, publication date 2020-10-26, the file size is 16.3 MB.According to statistics from the Google Play Store, there are about 1000 downloads. Apps downloaded or installed individually on Android can be updated if you wish. Update your apps as well. Grants you access to the latest features and improves the security and stability of the app. Enjoy it now !!!

theAsianparent: Track Pregnancy & Count Baby Kicks - v2.7.12

▌Community: get quick answers to all your questions, from pregnancy to parenting and more.
▌Articles: access high-quality articles full of useful parenting tips, based on the most advanced parenting research.
▌Pregnancy tracker & Baby tracker: learn about baby development milestones and follow your baby’s growth each day, from pregnancy until your child is 4 years old.

Don’t you wish babies came with a manual? Parenting is difficult, because no two babies are same. From the time you decide to conceive, there are a million questions you have, but no one to answer them all🙎. It’s even tougher as Asian Parents to find culturally relevant information online and elsewhere.

We, a group of parents, frustrated with trying to find credible parenting information , decided to take matters into our own hands. So we developed theAsianparent community -- a 23- million-strong family of parents and experts. 😇

We believe in a positive pregnancy to parenting experience. We believe that every parent should have access to scientifically accurate information, and the collective wisdom of millions of parents who go through different stages of parenthood. That is why we developed this app just for you, whether you are trying for a baby, pregnant, or have a little one or more in your life! We believe that it is your right to have a healthy pregnancy and a positive parenting experience.

From expertly curated articles, a pregnancy tracker and baby development tracker, to interesting polls and exciting contests, this app is the ultimate companion for every parent. We understand that parenting changes you, your social circle, your worries, your moments of joy, your ideas of fun. So, we bring you the app that won’t ever let you down.

With theAsianparent app, you can do so much!

Do you have questions about breastfeeding, baby care, ovulation, baby’s feeding schedule, even relationships? Or are you looking for parenting tips to make life easier? Ask away in the safe space that is theAsianparent community. We guarantee that you will get your answer from the helpful community of fellow parents . Some are child health professionals, others are expert parents, ensuring the advice you get is the absolute best. Because we are all in this parenting tribe together, you too can help a fellow parent based on your own experiences.


Use our pregnancy tracker to ensure a healthy, happy pregnancy. Know what to expect every day - the aches and pains as well as the joys like experiencing baby’s first kick! Once the baby is born, track his/her growth day-by-day until age 4, using our baby tracker. We also have expertly crafted articles for each month of your baby’s development, so you stay informed about baby’s milestones, diet, activities, vaccinations, as well as red flags.

📷 Share photos 📲

Concerned about sharing that baby bump or your little one’s photo on social media? Well, in this amazing feature, you can safely share your photos, away from the nagging eyes of your frenemies! We have loads of cute stickers, so click and share!

🎶 Access media 📼

We have some really cute videos and songs that you can enjoy along with your little one!

📖 Read articles 📱

From expertly crafted scientific parenting advice to what’s happening around you, we cover it all. Experience the most amazing feed of articles that will keep you engaged for hours.The perfect way to spend time between feeds!

🎉 Win! 🙌

Parenting should be rewarding. That’s why on our app, you can win really cool prizes. Take part in our contests and giveaways, and win practical and awesome gifts like strollers, staycations, and much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Download theAsianparent app today and be a part of the largest parenting community of Asian Parents in the world.

Dear parents, we have 3 exciting updates for you: 1.Give our freshly-baked “Recipe feature” a try. Suggestions and tags will tell you if the dish is made for children or safe for mums-to-be.2.Wish you could peek inside mummy’s tummy to see your baby? Now you can! Our exciting 3D feature will give you a surreal experience of how your little one is growing in your bump!3.Too tired to type? With our new voice-to-text feature, you can now search the content of our app with your voice!

How to install theAsianparent: Track Pregnancy & Count Baby Kicks - v2.7.12

Remember where the theAsianparent: Track Pregnancy & Count Baby Kicks - v2.7.12 APK file was saved. Click on it to install. Initially, you may experience an installation failure.
Since android does not allow to install APK from Unknown Sources, please do the following:
-> Open the downloaded theAsianparent: Track Pregnancy & Count Baby Kicks - v2.7.12 .apk file. You will see a warning message as shown:
-> Click Settings (Settings).
-> Click the Turn button (Turn on).
-> Go back and reopen the downloaded APK file. Click the Install button (Install).

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Variant Architect Android DPI
2.7.12 (582) universal Android 4.1+ nodpi
2.7.12 (580) universal Android 4.1+ nodpi