Download BabyCam - Baby Monitor Camera - v1.84

Download BabyCam - Baby Monitor Camera - v1.84

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Please download and share BabyCam - Baby Monitor Camera - v1.84, one of the featured APPS in the categoryParenting.
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Released by Arjona Software, BabyCam - Baby Monitor Camera - v1.84 is one of the best free and best mobile phone applications available today. Located in the Parenting category of the app store.

The minimum operating system for BabyCam - Baby Monitor Camera - v1.84 is 4.0 and up and up. So you have to update your phone if you haven't already.

At APKDroid, you will get BabyCam - Baby Monitor Camera - v1.84 APK free download, with the latest version being 1.84, publication date 2020-05-17, the file size is 11M.According to statistics from the Google Play Store, there are about 1000 downloads. Apps downloaded or installed individually on Android can be updated if you wish. Update your apps as well. Grants you access to the latest features and improves the security and stability of the app. Enjoy it now !!!

BabyCam - Baby Monitor Camera - v1.84 BabyCam - Baby Monitor Camera - v1.84

With BabyCam you can watch your baby using two phones or tablets : one will be used to record the baby and the other one will be used by the parents to see the baby.

For BabyCam to work, it is necessary that the devices are connected on the same WiFi network or via WiFi Direct. The parent's device will connect to the baby's device easily and automatically.

With BabyCam it will not be necessary to register, introduce codes to match the devices or similar, as it happens in other similar applications. Just by pressing a button on each device, they will connect.

BabyCam is totally free. Includes a Premium version to eliminate advertising forever ($ 0.99)

With BabyCam you can also:

- Use BabyCam without an Internet connection through WiFi Direct ?
- Watch your baby from your TV through Chromecast ?
- Watch your baby from the web browser of your PC, iPhone or iPad ?
- Listen to your baby ???
- Talk to your baby ???
- Activate or deactivate the camera flash, to see your baby with low light ?⚡
- Switch between the front and back camera ??
- Zoom ?
- Adjust the volume of the microphones ?
- Activate the night mode to not hurt your eyes ??
- Parents can see the battery level of the baby device ?
- Take pictures and videos of the baby ???
- Connect more than one device simultaneously to the baby's camera. Mom and Dad will be able to see their baby at the same time on their devices ? + ? ➡️ ?

And all this for FREE!

- You can put a lullaby to help your baby to sleep
- Improved BabyCam web, now has more features available
- Baby camera enhancements: image transmission will be smoother and crash errors fixed
- New alert system. The application will notify you when any noise is detected, so you can check if your baby needs your help.
- The microphone volume has been amplified, you can increase it up to 200%
- Added support for Chromecast. Now you can watch your baby from television ?

How to install BabyCam - Baby Monitor Camera - v1.84

Remember where the BabyCam - Baby Monitor Camera - v1.84 APK file was saved. Click on it to install. Initially, you may experience an installation failure.
Since android does not allow to install APK from Unknown Sources, please do the following:
-> Open the downloaded BabyCam - Baby Monitor Camera - v1.84 .apk file. You will see a warning message as shown:
-> Click Settings (Settings).
-> Click the Turn button (Turn on).
-> Go back and reopen the downloaded APK file. Click the Install button (Install).

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